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Store credit cards – are they all the same?

Most of our favorite shopping destinations offer one or another type of a store credit card – you are always asked by the cashier if you would like to use one. Thanks to – a site that offers you information regarding your store card and find online banking login, we know that most of them are issued by just several banks.

The question is how different can be the cards offered by the same bank cobranded with a department store?

The most active in issuing store cards is GE Capital Retail Bank, this bank offers:

  • Amazon store card
  • Lowes card
  • Dillard’s rewards card
  • GAP credit card
  • Toys’R’us card
  • Wallmart card

All these cards come with no annual fee. APR vary on different cards between 22.9% and 26.99%. Sometimes APR can depend on your credit application. These basic parameters are more or less consistent across all cards.

Let’s see what’ going on with rewards on GE Capital Retail bank store cards:

  • Discounts 5% -15% for in store purchases
  • Bonus points (2x or 5x for in store purchases, regular for purchases everywhere).
  • One time gifts 10% -25% as a sign up bonus
  • Gas discounts 15c/ gallon

Rewards are the area where cards are very different – you can choose what store you use more and where you get better rewards, it is also a great option if out of store purchases also get some kind of reward – like bonus points or cashback.

If we look at the recent card user complaint’s information for GE capital Retail bank – most users are unsatisfied by:

  • Billing issues (51 case last month)
  • Late payments fees (20 cases)
  • APR (20)Billing and statements (16).



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