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We focus on helping you to find an appropriate credit card for your situation, weather you are looking for rewards, cash back or you have a complication like a bad credit or no credit history. You can always find useful tips and advice along with our reviews and articles.
credit card consolidation

5:26 pm 06/23/2011

It is said that credit card consolidation is a good debt relief option for you as it lowers the interest rate on your debt without hurting your credit. There are various benefits associated with credit card consolidation and there are | Read more

credit score scale

7:51 pm 06/22/2011

Credit score in general is dynamic numeric index that lies on a credit score scale and indicates risks of lending money to an individual. Dynamic means that your credit score changes in time, especially when some events occur in your | Read more

Guaranteed credit cards approval

2:20 am 06/22/2011

When it comes to choosing between VISA and MasterCard credit cards, the choice is not obvious –it is rarely the case that you know the difference. Actually is there any significant difference between VISA and MasterCard for personal use? You | Read more

zero interest credit cards

1:10 am 06/17/2011

Wow, 0% interest credit cards are offered now almost by any bank. Let’s find out how it works and why credit card companies are so generous to offer interest free credit cards. The truth is that no credit card has | Read more

international transaction fees with credit cards

6:38 pm 06/16/2011

International credit cards make worldwide payments easier. If you are going to travel overseas this summer or you often visit foreign countries on business purpose, you should know some basics about international credit cards transactions and fees. Foreign and International | Read more

cash advance with credit cards

12:25 pm 06/14/2011

Cash advance is basically a withdrawal of cash from the credit card account. You know that credit cards are generally designed for shopping – purchasing various goods in stores, paying for services, ordering goods and services online or by phone. | Read more

gas and fuel credit cards

10:59 pm 06/13/2011

If gas expenses are significant part of your monthly costs then fuel credit card may help you in saving some amount of money. Just try to make some benefits out of your everyday expenses by using a gas rewards credit | Read more

fixed rate credit cards, variable rates credit cards

2:02 am 06/11/2011

Most credit cards in US are variable rates cards which mean you APR is not fixed and fluctuates with the market. But now you also can find some fixed rate credit cards. When you apply for a credit card, you | Read more

small business credit cards

1:32 am 06/11/2011

Business credit cards or corporate cards are available today not only to big and middle-sized corporations but also to small businesses. Right credit card can help you to put some money back into your business. Business credit cards and prepaid | Read more

apply for credit cards online

10:30 pm 06/10/2011

Ten years ago we couldn’t imagine that it would be so easy to submit for a credit card online. No more hassle, driving 10 miles to the bank or standing in a line – online credit card application solves all these | Read more