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Orchard credit card

Orchard credit cards are good for people with poor and bad credit score. Orchard credit cards are issued by HSBC – big international bank. A lot of people like Orchard credit cards due to unique application process that screens your credit score before and show the list of available products.

There are 4 types of Orchard credit cards: Secured, Standard, Gold and Platinum. They all are Visa or Master card, so you’ll be able to use the credit card anywhere worldwide where credit cards are accepted. There are a lot of advantages of Orchard credit cards but there still some disadvantages.

What is good about Orchard credit cards is that your credit score is screened before and you are qualified for either secured or nonsecured credit card. Orchard credit cards are instant approval or instant decision. All this process takes less than 1 minute. You also can read terms and conditions before application.

Orchard credit card reports payments to the three major credit bureaus.  So after the year of consistent payments you’ll be offered lower rates, reward programs and credit card without annual fee.

Orchard credit card offer reasonable rates: 14.90% – 19.90% for non-secured cards and 7.90% for secured.

You can enroll free e-mail or text reminder of upcoming payments dates. It’s helpful option for those who are trying to rebuild their credit score. Online access to the account and 24/7 customer service makes your life even easier. Orchard credit card offer 100% fraud protection so you can feel more secure using this card.

What is not good about Orchard Credit cards is annual fees. You have to pay from 0 to 60 dollars for the first year and from 35 to 75 dollars for the next. You also pay processing fee for some credit card types when you open an account.

Our verdict if you have poor credit score and need to rebuild it Orchard card is good choice. It offer very reasonable rates, but you have to pay some fees.



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