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How to get a credit card

Getting a credit card is not such an easy task today as it is used to be earlier. Banks do not give out their credit cards due to the conditions imposed on them. In order to get a credit card, you can apply for it in a local bank, credit union or fill an application form online.

First of all, you have to choose a card amongst the wide range of cards available in the market. You also need to find which credit card is suitable for your credit score. Moreover, you should look for a credit card that satisfies your demands – whether they are gas rewards, miles or cash back.

It’s important to choose a card that matches your credit score. If you don’t know exactly what your score is check it online. Once a year you can do it free of charge. Don’t forget that not only your credit cards and loans affect your credit score, but also the way you pay every day bills. So make sure you pay all your bills on time. Paying off bills will not only relieve you from financial problems, but will also help you in making a good credit history.

The most important step in getting a credit card is an application. Make sure that you fill everything you are asked in the application form, especially financial details. Waiting for an approval can take from 60 seconds to a couple of weeks. If you don’t want to wait choose instant approval offers. The final decision totally depends upon the card issuer. After you’ve submitted an application the bank go through your profile and check your credit score in 3 major credit bureaus.

Having a steady income is important to get a credit card.  In a form you answer questions about your household income and your monthly expenses like rent and exciting loans.

There are some things you must remember while choosing a credit card. You must get appropriate information about the card you want. If some terms are not clear call to the card issuer The credit card must be the one that satisfies most your demands, has less cons and more pros. Don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions  along with additional fees info.  Choosing a credit card amongst the wide variety of credit cards available in the market can be a tough question.

Bank can request copies of you ID and proof of income even after you’ve been approved. Don’t forget to fax these papers otherwise your account will be suspended.



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