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How To Fill Online Application For a Credit Card

Filling credit card application form online is the fastest and the most convenient way to get a credit card. Today most banks and credit unions have an option to apply online for the credit card on their websites and offer a good choice of easy to get credit cards. You can also submit your application on one of the thematic websites (you are welcome to fill application on our This sites (and our site as well) do not provide their own credit card programs – you just get all the information you need to make a decision and when you are ready to fill credit card application form you are redirected to the page on the banks site to submit the application directly to the bank in a safe and convenient way.

After you submit the application to the bank, you will be able to check bank credit card application status online any time to know current status of your application. In the future, after receiving a credit card, it will be very useful to set up online access to you bank card account and manage you finance through internet.

When you shop around for the new credit card, there are several things you should keep in mind when applying. First, gather all necessary information before you make a decision, internet credit card application gives you a huge advantage of having all information that you need only one click away. Second – it is wise to apply only for a credit card that fits your credit score, you can get the information in our credit card reviews and comparisons. Just know that if you submit too many applications at once it will produce many enquires to your account at the credit agency and can damage your score.

Whatever the starting point of your application is, during the application process you will be redirected to a bank web page where you will fill a credit card application. All information submitted to the online form goes through secure servers and internet protocols (to be 100% sure you can check that the page address in a browser address line starts with “https” instead of “http” – that means that the channel is secure), so it’s absolutely safe to apply online and nobody can steal your personal info or make any harm to your privacy. Look at the typical credit card application form – that is usual information that you will share with a bank to get a credit card:

application form for a credit card online

It’s very important to fill the application accurately. Don’t leave any required field without an answer, otherwise you will be returned to the form again. You will need to provide information on the following sections: your personal info, housing info, household income and employment status. Before filling an application you should be ready to answer the questions below:

Personal information

You’ll need to enter your full name, date of birth, home address, daytime and evening phone numbers, driver’s license number, social security number and citizenship info. You will be also asked to enter some personal information like your mother’s middle name or the name of your first pet to make your security identification later.


In the housing section you’ll need to answer whether you rent or own your home, what type of property is it, how long you have being staying at your current address. You’ll be also asked about your mortgage payments information if you have not paid it off completely.

Household income

Every bank wants to know as much as possible about your finance before giving you a loan or a credit card, so you need to answer questions about your annual household income and whether you have checking or savings accounts. You’ll be also asked about total amount of money on all your accounts – that can look very personal (at least it was to me), but it can help you to have a high limit credit card if you have something to show in this section.

Employment information

Employment section includes questions about your current job, office or facility location, your annual salary and time of employment.

As you can see there is nothing difficult in filling credit card application, especially when everything is in order and you have nothing to hide.

Based on your credit score and information provided in the application, the bank will make a decision on issuing you a credit card. This process can take from 60 seconds (for instant decision cards) to a couple of weeks. Usually the better you credit score is, the faster you get an answer – you can even get online application approval (if a bank has a preapproved offer for you). Anyway it takes about a week after you get the approval to receive your new credit card by mail. When you get a card you need to activate it by making a phone call or you can do activation in an ATM- all the instructions are enclosed in the envelope with a credit card. Usually you need to know your social security number along with the information you provided during application process and a number you received in the envelope to activate your card by phone.



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