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Gas Credit cards

If gas expenses are significant part of your monthly costs then fuel credit card may help you in saving some amount of money. Just try to make some benefits out of your everyday expenses by using a gas rewards credit card. This is an exceptionally smart way in which you can ease you hardships caused due to the ever increasing gas prices.

When you use a gas credit card to purchase fuel you get a point or discount for each dollar you spend. You also get some points for all other purchases. As soon as you have collected a certain amount of points you can redeem them for cash back, merchandise or free gas – depends on the certain offer.

There are cards that are issued by banks and offer rebates on any gas station (Citi Drivers Card, Chase Perfect card). Most of them are cash back cards that offer a wide range of rewards on different purchases. Such drivers or travelers cards usually offer rebates not only on gasoline stations but also in groceries, restaurants, hotels etc. Some of them offer additional discount on car rentals, car maintenance and service.

There are also a lot of credit cards issued by gas companies (BP card, Exxon, Shell). Such cards are a combination of a club card and a credit card. These cards mostly offer rebates only for purchase on the gasoline stations of the brand, but these rebates can be huge – up to 10%. Some cards also provide rebates for eligible hotels, restaurants and other spending.

Majority of fuel credit card issuers have eliminated the annual fees, which were quite common a few years ago. The number of rewards features is also become higher. Some offers look really great – they provide you with 0% APR and huge rebates, but it lasts during the introductory period only. So you should always read the fine print to know what to wait for and know how to maximize your benefits. Look for annual fees in terms and conditions also, because they can eliminate your savings.





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