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Easy to get credit cards online

In the good old days when US economy was in a better condition, it was extremely easy to get almost any credit card if you had a slight desire to start spending more. Since the recession and economic uncertainty, the financial institutions became more careful about creditworthiness of their borrowers. Currently there are some card offers on the marketplace that are easier to get. We’ve found several easy to get credit cards with instant online approval.

Check your score

First it is always good to know your current credit score. It is even better to monitor your credit. Consider credit score watch solutions, like Equifax, Credit Sesame, or from other providers to be always aware of your score.

If you are looking for an easiest options that means that probably you either have no credit history (limited credit) or have a below than average credit score (poor or bad credit). Based on your situation you can consider the following options.

For poor or bad credit

If you have bad or poor credit you can go either for secured card of for the regular credit card with an extra high APR (possibly the highest value allowed by the lawmakers). The good news here is that secured credit cards are easy to get no matter how poor your credit score is, because the bank is not exposed to any risk by issuing you a secured credit card – all the risk is covered (secured) by your own money on the deposit. The only drawback is that you have to leave a security deposit in the bank in order to get the card. That basically means that you are borrowing money from yourself. That can be acceptable when you need to start building or rebuilding your credit history but it is not acceptable in the situation when you need to borrow money.

In the poor or bad credit situation we recommend applying for Orchard Credit Cards that are specially designed for poor credit score owners. You’ll find out what type of card you are qualified for during the application process. So anyway you’ll get either secured or unsecured credit card based on your situation. Other good options to check are secured cards – Applied Bank Visa Gold Credit Card, First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard or prepaid credit cards -Meta Bank Prepaid MasterCard Card. You should know that prepaid cards are not the best option because they will not help you to build or repair your credit score.

Best cards for no credit

Do you know that people without any credit history are better clients for the bank in terms of creditworthiness than people with bad credit? But unfortunately for them they still do not have many choices when it comes to credit cards – nearly all the moderate, good and excellent credit score card options are closed. The most generic and the safest recommendation will be applying for secured credit cards (see options above), but you can consider more options.

For people with no credit history we recommend applying for Capital One Platinum as a best Credit Card for newcomers. There is no annual fee for this card and there is a big cash back benefit for all travel related spending. The starting credit limit is rather low – you’ll be given $500 credit line only and they will give you 24.9 APR that is relatively high. But it is considerably better option than a secured credit card – with Capital One offer you will get a real credit card with all its benefits and after a while you will be able to build a decent credit history that will positively affect your credit limit and card APR.

For students

There is a nice choice of credit cards for college students on the marketplace. Even if you don’t have a credit history, that’s not a big deal if you study in a college – banks like students a lot, and these are easy credit cards for you to get if you are one of them.

For that kids who study I’d like to highlight the offer from Citi bank. They have a couple of credit cards designed for students that offer reasonable terms of service and even rewards that makes this cards very attractive.

Another option is to try Discover cards:
Discover Student More Card

  • No annual fee
  • 5% cashback bonus on revolving selected categories
  • 9 months 0% introductory APR on purchases
  • Regular APR of 12,99%-18,99% for purchases and cash advances

Discover Student Open Road Card – for cash rewards on dining and gas

  • 2% cashback ($250 limit) on gas and restaurants
  • 9 months 0% introductory APR on purchases
  • Regular APR of 12,99%-18,99% for purchases and cash advances
  • No annual fee

Store credit cards are easy to get

One tip here: it is easier to get a credit card in department store of the major retailer such as Macys or Sears than a bank branded credit card. But don’t grab the first credit card that’s really easy to get, just to find out later that the rates and terms are horrible. Be careful and patient – the easiest to get department store credit card might be not the right choice for you, consider shopping around and try to compare APR, credit limits, grace period, fines and commissions across several cards.

When you’ll have excellent credit score

Well, if you find that this section is for you – you are very lucky and can apply for any credit card at will. People with excellent credit score have the greatest choice of rewards credit cards to apply for, so you can choose the right rewards options that suits your lifestyle and your spending habits – go with a cash back, rewards or miles credit card that will offer your more returns for less spending and do not forget to check the APR, grace period and additional fines and commissions.

Just a few options to consider:

Chase Sapphire

  • No annual fee
  • 15,24% APR
  • very very good rewards policy for all travel expenses, restaurants
  • $100 cashback for the 1st $500 spendings
  • No international transactions fee

Discover More

  • No annual fee
  • 0%APR for the 1st 15 month, then 10,99%-19,99%
  • 5% cashback on selected categories that vary during the year

Hope you get an idea where to shop for the credit card based on your own situation. Good luck!


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