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Credit cards instant approval

Credit cards with instant approval are good for those who don’t want to wait. With instant approval credit cards you can get the decision within 60 seconds after submitting an application. But sometimes it takes more time. Such credit cards either check your credit score during the online application process or make decision based on the information you’ve provided – so you don’t need to wait to get a card.

There are different kinds of instant approval offers– some of the cards you can receive within 60 seconds (in some department stores and banks), another give you decision within 60 seconds and then send you the card within 1 -2 weeks (most on-line instant approval credit cards). With instant decision cards banks may require additional information to protect themselves from identity thefts.  After you’ve received a credit card by mail, you have to call to 1-800 number to activate it, name your SSN  or send copy of your ID to the bank. They also can request to send some papers with proof of address and income.

Instant approval cards usually require good to excellent credit score. So if your credit history is far from excellent think twice before applying – negative answer can affect your score even more. Also look for the selection of credit cards designed for bad credit score – such as Orchard credit cards, secured cards etc.

Instant approval credit cards from department stores usually offer you additional discounts during the shopping, but the interest rates can be higher.

Credit limit that you are approved for can be lower with instant approval offers, but you can request to increase it after the couple months of  use and proper payments.


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