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Credit cards for students

Choose best credit cards for students on College time is a great time to become more independent mentally and financially. It’s time to build your own credit history and to get your fist credit card. Banks offer a great variety cards designed especially for students.

You don’t need to have any credit history to get student credit card. It’s easy to apply and to get a credit card for student. For most young people it is first independent credit card that trains how to handle finance and build excellent credit score. Still some students find themselves in a debt soon after receiving the credit card. Instead of good financial habits they get poor credit score and suffer from it even after the college graduating. So it’s more challenging to manage your credit and debit than to receive a credit card.

Credit cards for student usually have pretty high APR so you need to pay on time to don’t be overcharged.

There are some tips for student credit cards:

  • Don’t apply for more than one or two credit cards at the same time: it’s not easy to manage different accounts if you don’t have experience in finance. So it’s better to start with one or two credit cards.
  • Choose credit card that suits your needs and meets your expectation. You can get a reward card and earn some bonuses but only if you pay your bills on time. Reward cards usually offer higher APR so choose what is better for you – pay less interest or get some cash back.
  • Look for credit cards without annual fee and choose cards with reasonable rates. It’s also good to start your credit card experience with 0% APR even if it’s for a limited period of time. Unfortunately 0% APR cards often charge you an annual fee.
  • Don’t submit applications to get a free T-shirt. Banks often use freebie to attract students. But look for rates and fees first.
  • Look for best credit cards for students on, compare rates and fees and start building of your credit score.


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