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Credit card with bad credit score

Chose a credit card with bad credit score: secured and non-secured credit cards for bad credit history. Even if your credit history is far from excellent you still can get a credit card. Compare credit cards and rates with bad credit score on

Do you know your exact credit score? Bad one is a score below 599. Bad credit score limits choice of available credit cards. You either can get secured credit card or credit card with low available credit limit and high APR. But you still have a choice of offers from the different banks. That’s why we’ve made research and analysis of available credit cards: even if you have bad credit history you don’t  have to pay unfair rates.

One option for people with poor or bad credit score is to apply for secured credit card. It is one of the most popular product to be instantly approved for without a risk of being rejected. When you receive secured credit card you have to deposit the same or less amount of money on your bank account.  It seems like there is no sense in taking loan if you already have money. But secured credit card helps to improve credit score. Choose banks that will report you payments to the three major credit bureaus. If you pay on time your credit score is increasing and after 6-12 months of payments you are allowed to upgrade card to a non-secured one.

It can be a hard task to be approved for non-secured card with bad credit score. When you choosing among such cards you should pay attention on interest rates and other additional fees. Usually they offer higher APR from 20 to 25%. If rates seem to be too good to be true look for hidden charges and restrictions. Additional payments may include annual fee, late penalty fee and over-the limit fee. You’ll have to start with very low credit limit and after 6-12 months of consistent payments your it can be increased. Secured and non-secured credit cards give you a second chance to improve your bad credit score and to prove you creditability.

You can also try store credit cards, which are easier to get even with poor score. They have higher rates, but offer  discounts and rebates for shopping in particular stores – like Target, Macys or Old Navy. But applying for each credit card that you are offered is not good idea – few unapproved application will negatively affect your score.

Prepaid cards and debit cards will not help you to improve bad credit score, but you can use them instead of cash – as a more convenient way to make payments. They also allow you to pay online to order goods on e-buy and Amazon. Prepaid cards are sold in super-markets, pharmacies and you also can order them in the Internet.


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