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Reward cards

Credit cards with rewards- cashback, points, air miles

department stores credit cards

7:04 pm 06/09/2011

Using of store credit cards is a very controversial topic. On the one hand such cards offer you discount and additional benefits during your shopping on the other hand, they make you spend more and charge you higher rates. Let’s go through the pros and cons in more details. Store credit cards are issued by huge malls, online stores or retailers. And offer extensive rewards. They usually belong to international payment systems such as Visa, Master Card or Discover. Most | Read more

credit cards Cash back

1:22 am 05/09/2011

Cash back is proven to be one of the best incentives to encourage customers to use a credit card. Basically with a credit card that offers cash back you can benefit from taking 1-5% of your spending back to your account for the other customers expense. Read below how it happens and what are the best cash back options for you to consider. Credit card reward programs today typically offer 0.5-2% cash back, it is not much compared to th | Read more