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Air miles

Earning air miles with your card

Bank One Credit Cards

3:31 pm 09/21/2011

Bank One used to be the sixth-largest bank in USA, but it merged with JPMorgan Chase in 2004. If you used to have a credit card of that bank in the past, you should check Chase card options or shop around for another popular credit cards. Here is the short review of available credit cards by Chase. To make things even more confusing there are two more banks in the US with similar names- Capital One and Credit One (which | Read more

apply for discover credit card

5:14 pm 07/29/2011

Discover is one of the major credit card companies in United States. It offers customers a combination of reasonable rates and nice rewards. Originally it was founded by the largest US retailer Sears. Now Discover credit cards are issued by Discover Bank and the processing goes through Discover Network, Discover Debit cards are processed through Pulse payment system. There are some good reasons why clients in US love Discover cards and often prefer them to VISA and Master Card issued | Read more

frequent flyer credit cards

8:15 pm 06/25/2011

Frequent flyers programs are now available not only for those who use airlines a lot. You can earn miles using your credit card and redeem them for tickets, hotels or car rentals.   Travelers cards or frequent flyers credit card are becoming more and more popular, so let’s find out if gratis miles worth it and how much this rewards cost. Types of miles credit cards All travelers credit cards can be divided in 2 major categories: Airlines credit cards. | Read more

international transaction fees with credit cards

6:38 pm 06/16/2011

International credit cards make worldwide payments easier. If you are going to travel overseas this summer or you often visit foreign countries on business purpose, you should know some basics about international credit cards transactions and fees. Foreign and International Transaction Fees Most of American banks charge from 1 to 4% for out of country transactions on credit card. This percentage consists of issuers fee for foreign payment (0-2%) and System Currency Conversation fee (Visa, Master – 1%, Amex – | Read more

Rewards Credit Cards

9:47 pm 06/09/2011

When we spend a huge amount of money through a credit card it becomes very tempting to be able to receive something in return – As we all know sharing is caring. Currently there are several ways you can get rewarded for your spending habits: cash rewards, bonus points, air miles, an extra discount at your favorite stores. When banks first started reward programs they just wanted to encourage the loyalty for the best most spending customers. But then the | Read more