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Low APR and zero interest

Cards with introductory 0 APR and low regular interest

American Express Green Card

12:44 am 09/11/2011

American Express Green Card is a classic product and is very popular charge card with no preset limit. AmEx is known for being rather picky about their customers and mostly focus on the well-paying clients. The requirements for the American Express Card minimum credit score are not so strict because this is a charge card and you must pay off the balance every month in full. Read our review to know about pros and cons of this credit card. No spending limit | Read more

cheap credit cards

1:30 am 06/24/2011

Nobody wants to pay more, so when we shop around for a new credit card we usually look for the lowest interest rates available. A recent study shows that low interest is the first reason to apply for a particular credit card for most of the people.  If you lower interest on your credit card or transfer your balance to another card, a lower APR could save your big money on a long term. You can focus more on the | Read more

zero interest credit cards

1:10 am 06/17/2011

Wow, 0% interest credit cards are offered now almost by any bank. Let’s find out how it works and why credit card companies are so generous to offer interest free credit cards. The truth is that no credit card has a 0% interest, unless it has a huge annual fee that will cover all possible interest. Typically credit cards offer 0% APR for the so called introductory period that last usually from 6 month up to 18 month. The main | Read more