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Credit cards in peoples life

credit card consolidation

7:46 pm 06/24/2011

Excellent credit ranking is necessary in many aspects of life. Proper using of credit card is significant part, when you try to build or rebuild your credit score. Your ranking is affected by several factors. The most important of them is your behavior as a borrower: the way you pay your bills, the total amount of your loans and the length of your credit history. You cannot rewrite the history, but you can do your best to avoid mistakes in | Read more

credit score scale

7:51 pm 06/22/2011

Credit score in general is dynamic numeric index that lies on a credit score scale and indicates risks of lending money to an individual. Dynamic means that your credit score changes in time, especially when some events occur in your financial life. Numeric means that your credit score can be somewhere on a scale between 300 and 850, which covers credit scores from poor to excellent credit. With a good score you have more chances to get a cheap loan | Read more

Guaranteed credit cards approval

2:20 am 06/22/2011

When it comes to choosing between VISA and MasterCard credit cards, the choice is not obvious –it is rarely the case that you know the difference. Actually is there any significant difference between VISA and MasterCard for personal use? You can stumble upon the information that VISA is more widely spread around the world. That’s true, currently about 57% of all credit cards are issued by VISA and 26% by MasterCard. Originally VISA payment system was founded in 1958 by | Read more

international transaction fees with credit cards

6:38 pm 06/16/2011

International credit cards make worldwide payments easier. If you are going to travel overseas this summer or you often visit foreign countries on business purpose, you should know some basics about international credit cards transactions and fees. Foreign and International Transaction Fees Most of American banks charge from 1 to 4% for out of country transactions on credit card. This percentage consists of issuers fee for foreign payment (0-2%) and System Currency Conversation fee (Visa, Master – 1%, Amex – | Read more

cash advance with credit cards

12:25 pm 06/14/2011

Cash advance is basically a withdrawal of cash from the credit card account. You know that credit cards are generally designed for shopping – purchasing various goods in stores, paying for services, ordering goods and services online or by phone. But sometimes, you come find yourself in situations when you need some cash and often you need it quick. It’s technically easy to get a needed amount of cash from an ATM the same way as with a debit card, | Read more

fixed rate credit cards, variable rates credit cards

2:02 am 06/11/2011

Most credit cards in US are variable rates cards which mean you APR is not fixed and fluctuates with the market. But now you also can find some fixed rate credit cards. When you apply for a credit card, you are generally offered extremely attractive introductory interest rates. Some credit cards even offer 0% rate of interest for a starting period of half a year or a year. However, the important question is how the interest rates are changed once | Read more

apply for credit cards online

10:30 pm 06/10/2011

Ten years ago we couldn’t imagine that it would be so easy to submit for a credit card online. No more hassle, driving 10 miles to the bank or standing in a line – online credit card application solves all these and many other problems. There are top reasons to submit your application online: Location, location, location! When you apply online, you don’t have to drive to the bank. How often do we choose grocery, pharmacy, cleaners or hair salon just | Read more

credit card statement and online account information

6:41 pm 05/17/2011

When I applied for my first US credit card I also set up an online access to the credit card account. That is very useful to be able to control all your expenses online and to know your balance and available credit. It is also very convenient to pay your credit card bills online and to control all the transactions in a real time. When the first month passed, I got an e-mail notification from my bank that I have | Read more

my first credit card

2:37 am 05/17/2011

I applied for my first credit card at my own risk – I could not know exactly if I will succeed or not. All the information I had is that the card is for “average credit” and the description of average credit suited my situation – I was a newcomer with a clean credit history. So I just submitted an application on a website with a thought that it is easy to get credit card. During the application I was | Read more

no credit history credit card

1:21 am 05/17/2011

Before I moved to United States I read in the Internet that in US every person should have a credit card and must start building his own credit history. But when I came to US I was definitely surprised by the fact that you literally cannot make a step without a credit card here. In my previous life I had two international VISA debit cards from outside the country. But debit cards are not very popular in USA – and | Read more