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Credit cards in peoples life

Free credit score gov

9:52 pm 03/19/2012

A lot of people are aware that anybody can receive a free credit report for his own credit history once a year for free –and some of them expect to have a free credit score to be provided by the government regulations. But that’s not going to happen. Despite that you have several options to find out what your credit score is. First of all – everybody (if ever had any credit events in a life) has three credit reports in | Read more

Payday Loans or Cash Advance

12:40 am 03/19/2012

If you need to borrow a small amount of cash urgently the first options you will consider are: credit card cash advance and a payday loan. We’ll try to show the pros and cons of both options for typical situations. Today any one can apply for a payday loans online. Payday loans have a long history – classical payday loan was given in a form of a post-dated check with the borrowed amount and an interest (or a fee) written | Read more

Bank One Credit Cards

3:31 pm 09/21/2011

Bank One used to be the sixth-largest bank in USA, but it merged with JPMorgan Chase in 2004. If you used to have a credit card of that bank in the past, you should check Chase card options or shop around for another popular credit cards. Here is the short review of available credit cards by Chase. To make things even more confusing there are two more banks in the US with similar names- Capital One and Credit One (which | Read more

smart credit cards, chip credit cards, chase bank

8:04 pm 09/20/2011

Smart credit cards or chip credit cards is a relatively new technology with a higher level of security. This cards are widely used everywhere in Europe and mostly the reason to get that kind of card is to use it for travelling abroad. A couple years ago a lot of Euro countries switched to chip technology, more than 130 countries are using it now. Such cards are equipped with integrated circuit (ICC) unit that stores a security information inside. Although they are | Read more

American Express Green Card

12:44 am 09/11/2011

American Express Green Card is a classic product and is very popular charge card with no preset limit. AmEx is known for being rather picky about their customers and mostly focus on the well-paying clients. The requirements for the American Express Card minimum credit score are not so strict because this is a charge card and you must pay off the balance every month in full. Read our review to know about pros and cons of this credit card. No spending limit | Read more

easy to get high limit credit cards

12:58 am 08/30/2011

Having a big credit line is both convenient for you and very beneficial for your credit score. The explanation is simple – when you use less than a one third (or better about 25%) of your credit limit, your credit score is growing, while when you use nearly 100% of your credit line, the score is decreasing – this concept is called credit utilization ratio. Knowing that you can understand better that it will be easier to build a better credit | Read more

apply for discover credit card

5:14 pm 07/29/2011

Discover is one of the major credit card companies in United States. It offers customers a combination of reasonable rates and nice rewards. Originally it was founded by the largest US retailer Sears. Now Discover credit cards are issued by Discover Bank and the processing goes through Discover Network, Discover Debit cards are processed through Pulse payment system. There are some good reasons why clients in US love Discover cards and often prefer them to VISA and Master Card issued | Read more

apply for credit cards online

1:41 pm 07/26/2011

Filling credit card application form online is the fastest and the most convenient way to get a credit card. Today most banks and credit unions have an option to apply online for the credit card on their websites and offer a good choice of easy to get credit cards. You can also submit your application on one of the thematic websites (you are welcome to fill application on our This sites (and our site as well) do not provide their | Read more

credit cards from credit unions and banks

6:44 pm 07/24/2011

Credit Unions usually offer lower rates on credit cards than banks do, but they don’t offer such generous rewards. What other pros and cons of banks and Unions in terms of credit card choice. Member or Customer Credit unions are member-owned companies that provide services for their members. In order to get a credit card you need to become a member of a Union. Fortunately, it’s not a tough task. If you are trustworthy person, most unions are glad you | Read more

zero interest credit cards

8:57 pm 07/21/2011

Getting a credit card is not such an easy task today as it is used to be earlier. Banks do not give out their credit cards due to the conditions imposed on them. In order to get a credit card, you can apply for it in a local bank, credit union or fill an application form online. First of all, you have to choose a card amongst the wide range of cards available in the market. You also need to | Read more