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Balance tranfser

Balance transfer cards with introductory APR and low fees

easy to get high limit credit cards

12:58 am 08/30/2011

Having a big credit line is both convenient for you and very beneficial for your credit score. The explanation is simple – when you use less than a one third (or better about 25%) of your credit limit, your credit score is growing, while when you use nearly 100% of your credit line, the score is decreasing – this concept is called credit utilization ratio. Knowing that you can understand better that it will be easier to build a better credit | Read more

fixed rate credit cards, variable rates credit cards

12:40 am 07/27/2011

Balance transfer is an excellent option for those who want to reduce their credit card balance as soon as possible. You can use one credit card with lower APR instead of keeping multiple accounts. There are some very attractive balance transfer offers in the market now. How it works It’s easy: you transfer your debts from one account to another. Your new credit card issuer buys your debt from the old bank and you start receiving bills from the new | Read more

Credit card with bad credit score

9:09 pm 06/23/2011

If you are currently suffering due to credit card balance and the mound of debt that keeps on increasing with each passing day is the reason for your nightmares, then you must look for a solution. In case you are not being able to tackle your multiple credit card accounts, you may take out a consolidation loan in order to get relief with your debts. Some questions that you may find answers for before you opt for credit card debt | Read more

credit card consolidation

5:26 pm 06/23/2011

It is said that credit card consolidation is a good debt relief option for you as it lowers the interest rate on your debt without hurting your credit. There are various benefits associated with credit card consolidation and there are various options. Debt may accumulate for various reasons and it becomes a huge problem to manage the high interest rated debts. There are two main ways through which you can consolidate your debts. You can consolidate your credit cards by | Read more

zero interest credit cards

1:10 am 06/17/2011

Wow, 0% interest credit cards are offered now almost by any bank. Let’s find out how it works and why credit card companies are so generous to offer interest free credit cards. The truth is that no credit card has a 0% interest, unless it has a huge annual fee that will cover all possible interest. Typically credit cards offer 0% APR for the so called introductory period that last usually from 6 month up to 18 month. The main | Read more