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Bad credit & secured

Cards for bad credit or after bankruptcy: secured, prepaid, guaranteed approval cards


8:26 pm 08/31/2012

The importance of owning or having access to a credit card has never been as obvious as it is in today’s modern world. Whether it be for the convenience of not having to carry cash, the massive increase in electronic payments and online shopping or simply the ability to buy something now and pay for it later; credit cards have a vital role to play in our lives. Unfortunately, credit cards can also leave a nasty taste in your mouth. | Read more

credit cards for kids prepaid and secured

6:55 pm 08/13/2011

When your kids are growing up they are becoming more independent in financial matters. So one day you realize that pocket money in form of cash is not the best way to teach your child to handle expenses. Secured credit cards and prepaid credit cards can be an answer. But how to choose what is better for your kid? Let’s compare prepaid and secured cards to find that out. The main difference between these 2 types of credit cards is | Read more

credit card consolidation

7:46 pm 06/24/2011

Excellent credit ranking is necessary in many aspects of life. Proper using of credit card is significant part, when you try to build or rebuild your credit score. Your ranking is affected by several factors. The most important of them is your behavior as a borrower: the way you pay your bills, the total amount of your loans and the length of your credit history. You cannot rewrite the history, but you can do your best to avoid mistakes in | Read more

Instant decision credit cards

7:44 pm 06/24/2011

Everyone who has ever applied for a credit card, receives pre-approved credit card offers quite often. A common question of a client is “How can banks preapprove you without an application?” And the second important question is “Are these offers really good and worth applying?” Sending pre approved cards and offers by mail is traditional method of attracting new customers, which banks are always looking for. If you ever applied for a credit card or borrowed money from a bank, | Read more

Guaranteed credit cards approval

2:33 am 05/13/2011

Looking for guaranteed credit cards approval? It’s easier to get guaranteed approval credit card with excellent credit score, but even with bad credit history you can apply for a credit card and get in approval for less than a minute.

orchard bank credit cards

11:38 pm 05/08/2011

Orchard credit cards are good for people with poor and bad credit score. Orchard credit cards are issued by HSBC – big international bank. A lot of people like Orchard credit cards due to unique application process that screens your credit score before and show the list of available products. There are 4 types of Orchard credit cards: Secured, Standard, Gold and Platinum. They all are Visa or Master card, so you’ll be able to use the credit card anywhere | Read more

Credit card with bad credit score

11:27 pm 05/08/2011

Chose a credit card with bad credit score: secured and non-secured credit cards for bad credit history. Even if your credit history is far from excellent you still can get a credit card. Compare credit cards and rates with bad credit score on Do you know your exact credit score? Bad one is a score below 599. Bad credit score limits choice of available credit cards. You either can get secured credit card or credit card with low available | Read more