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Advantages of Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards or corporate cards are available today not only to big and middle-sized corporations but also to small businesses. Right credit card can help you to put some money back into your business. Business credit cards and prepaid cards can make your life easier, no matter whether you are small business owner or you run a huge corporation. They are quite useful in financial matters and they also can bring additional rewards to you and your business.

Having a small business credit card can help you in maintaining your company’s expenses on track and gives convenient payment tool for everyday expenses. Most such cards also offer you additional rewards designed for business needs – either airline miles or cash back. It’s important for small businesses to reduce expenses and maximize profits in order to stay in this competitive world – sometimes transaction fees just eat up huge part of the margin.

Prepaid business credit cards are actually debit or check cards. They allow you to use cards instead of carrying cash when you go shopping for business purposes.

Due to the ever increasing competition, banks offer lower rates of interest, extensive rewards and higher credit limits to businesses. Though most of them charge you annual fee you get a lot of advantages from using them.

Benefits of a Business Credit Card

  • They allow you to keep a track of your transactions with the help of monthly statements. It’s extremely useful in a tax time and it helps to control your employees spending.
  • They help you to separate you personal and business expenses which is important for small businesses. Using of them also makes you look more serious even if you run small home-based business.
  • It helps to build your business credit score and get affordable loans in the future. Just make sure that your transactions are reported to the major credit bureaus.
  • A business rewards credit card bring you even more rebates than you personal cards due to volume of transactions. So you get points for every purchase you make and can redeem them for cash back, airline tickets or business supply merchandise. Just try to find the card that meets the needs of your business.
  • They have a grace period so you can choose whether to pay each month or keep some balance and pay later.




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