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Filling credit card applications online

Ten years ago we couldn’t imagine that it would be so easy to submit for a credit card online. No more hassle, driving 10 miles to the bank or standing in a line – online credit card application solves all these and many other problems.

There are top reasons to submit your application online:

Location, location, location! When you apply online, you don’t have to drive to the bank. How often do we choose grocery, pharmacy, cleaners or hair salon just due to its location? We usually don’t want to drive extra miles to get almost the same quality. Even if we can get a better offer, we often prefer to save time and go to the store next door. With online credit card application you can focus on the offer details and you can don’t care anymore whether nearest office is located in another town or different state.

Best deals. To tell you the truth it’s much cheaper for banks to process your online form than to maintain the whole branch or even the small in-store office. For these reason they can offer you their best deals– like $50 rebates, $100 cash back, 1 000 extra airline miles or 500 points. I’m sure you don’t want to miss those bonuses.

Choice and Variety. Not all credit card offers are available for online application, but most of them are. But at the same time not all credit cards that available online can be obtained in a local bank or credit union. There are three reasons why: first, credit card issuer don’t have any branches in your state or sometimes don’t have them at all (that is why their offer is usually much better); second, they don’t have all products available at local offices but they are available at the banks site; third, the offer can be valid only when you apply on a partners’ web-site (not the bank’s site).

Best Fit. It’s better to choose credit cards that you are pre-approved for. Some online credit card offers are easy to get. Online sites have already chosen credit card selections for different credit scores – which mean that your application will have more chances to be approved. Variety of cards for bad credit score is also much better in the Internet.

24/7. What’re most banks hours of operation? Usually it is Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm. Your online credit card application can be submitted 24/7. In the middle of the night or early in the morning – take your time to read the terms and conditions attentively, fill up the form accurately and enjoy the best service in the world. By the way you don’t have wait for the next available representative and stay in a long line.

Share your opinion. Most of the customers usually believe the opinion of the other customers more than the official description of the card on the banks site. You can easily find experts’ and customers’ reviews in Internet in one mouse click. You also can share your opinion if you are not satisfied with the service.

There’s no difference. Do you know that, when you submit a paper application, banks’ employee then submits it online in the banks software system and the application goes almost through the same channel?  Local branches don’t make any decisions; they just send all your information to the main office. The worst part is that bank clerk can make a mistake that will cause decline of your application. So there is no any advantage in going to bank to make the application filled by the clerk instead of submitting online application yourself.



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