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ways to check credit card application status

3 Ways to Check Credit Card Application Status

Usually it takes some time to be approved for a credit card. If you don’t get an instant approval you have to wait for a week to get the answer, doesn’t matter whether you’ve applied online or not. Your status can be either approved, or denied, or pending (in progress). The interesting fact is that you can be approved but someone from bank just doesn’t have time to call you. To check the credit card application status you have several options:

Go online

If you filled online application form, you most likely received the confirmation number. With this number you can check your status on the issuer’s website. Be aware that not all the websites allow it and some of them look very confusing.

Call to the bank

There is nothing better than just to talk with somebody, but it’s not easy to find the right person to talk to. When you call 1-800-number you usually have to spend some time talking to electronic voice before you find someone you need. But when you finally reach a life person things become much easier.

Go to the bank

Well, nowadays it can be not the best idea. Local staff usually is not responsible for such kind of decisions. But they can give you the right phone number or help you to call.


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