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We focus on helping you to find an appropriate credit card for your situation, weather you are looking for rewards, cash back or you have a complication like a bad credit or no credit history. You can always find useful tips and advice along with our reviews and articles.
GE Capital cards

5:40 pm 05/29/2014

Most of our favorite shopping destinations offer one or another type of a store credit card – you are always asked by the cashier if you would like to use one. Thanks to – a site that offers you information | Read more


8:26 pm 08/31/2012

The importance of owning or having access to a credit card has never been as obvious as it is in today’s modern world. Whether it be for the convenience of not having to carry cash, the massive increase in electronic | Read more


8:52 pm 08/10/2012

It is estimated that there are close to 600 million credit cards in operation in the United States alone, and that credit card holders on average own over 3 credit cards. And yet, with such massive market penetration, many credit | Read more

Free credit score gov

9:52 pm 03/19/2012

A lot of people are aware that anybody can receive a free credit report for his own credit history once a year for free –and some of them expect to have a free credit score to be provided by the government | Read more

Payday Loans or Cash Advance

12:40 am 03/19/2012

If you need to borrow a small amount of cash urgently the first options you will consider are: credit card cash advance and a payday loan. We’ll try to show the pros and cons of both options for typical situations. | Read more

Bank One Credit Cards

3:31 pm 09/21/2011

Bank One used to be the sixth-largest bank in USA, but it merged with JPMorgan Chase in 2004. If you used to have a credit card of that bank in the past, you should check Chase card options or shop | Read more

smart credit cards, chip credit cards, chase bank

8:04 pm 09/20/2011

Smart credit cards or chip credit cards is a relatively new technology with a higher level of security. This cards are widely used everywhere in Europe and mostly the reason to get that kind of card is to use it for | Read more

American Express Green Card

12:44 am 09/11/2011

American Express Green Card is a classic product and is very popular charge card with no preset limit. AmEx is known for being rather picky about their customers and mostly focus on the well-paying clients. The requirements for the American Express | Read more

easy to get high limit credit cards

12:58 am 08/30/2011

Having a big credit line is both convenient for you and very beneficial for your credit score. The explanation is simple – when you use less than a one third (or better about 25%) of your credit limit, your credit score | Read more

credit cards for kids prepaid and secured

6:55 pm 08/13/2011

When your kids are growing up they are becoming more independent in financial matters. So one day you realize that pocket money in form of cash is not the best way to teach your child to handle expenses. Secured credit | Read more